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Optimise your brand's eCommerce strategies and increase your online sales in 2023 and beyond

Some of the companies that presented at the 2022 summit include:

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The 4th Annual Online & Digital Grocery Summit 2023 will bring together the leading Retailers and FMCG brands to understand the key actions to optimise your brand's eCommerce strategies and increase your online sales.  

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from and network with the key retailers, brands and industry experts and get your share of the grocery industry's fastest growing sector!

If you'd like to learn more about the 2023 Benelux Summit please contact

Here's a video of our Benelux 2019 Summit to give you an idea of what's in store for this year's event:

Our 2022 Key Industry Speakers were as follows:

Bas Komen.jpeg

Bas Komen

Digital Director, 

Media Sales & Performance

ivar Hendriks.jpeg

Ivar Hendriks

 Head of eRetail BeNeFraLux

AB Inbev.png
Stephan .jpeg

Stephan Bosman

Head of eCommerce

& Omnichannel

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Daniel Schwedhelm.jpeg

Daniel Schwedhelm

Head of Sales

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Kristof Meeussen, eCommerce Manager, Perfetti Van Melle .jpeg

Kristof Meeussen


eCommerce Manager


Benjamin Zagel


Managing Director Benelux

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Adina Heineken.jpeg

Adina Constantinicia
eRetail Director

Jolanda Lamboo.jpeg

Jolanda Lamboo
 eCommerce Manager

Wes Geerts.jpeg

Wes Geerts
 Head of eCommerce, Continental Europe

Kraft Heinz.png
Tom Zegers.jpeg

Tom Zegers
Senior Manager, eCommerce

Coke Logo.jpg
Kevin Cohen.jpeg

Kevin Cohen

  Brand Analytics Strategy Director

V15_ChannelAdvisor_horizontal_CMYK (5) (1).png

Folkert Praamstra
Vice President eCommerce

David Faerber.jpeg

David Faerber

 Manager eCommerce Pure Play and New Business



  • Creating successful online brand campaigns: Get practical case studies on successful e-commerce brand campaigns, from idea through to implantation with actionable results

  • Sharing best practices for online brand campaigns: Join interactive roundtable discussions on best practices, KPIs and key lessons learnt in e-commerce

  • Enhancing the retailer-supplier relationship for e-commerce success: Get retailer and brand perspectives on successful partnerships and key lessons learnt + join the extended panel discussion

  • Discovering the key performance indicators to increase sales on Amazon: Get expert insight into Amazon’s search algorithm’s and how to use data triggers to ensure your products are highly visible

  • Forecasting the future of digital retail in 2025: Get a forward thinking vision of where technology is headed for the industry and how we can work together to get there


"Really good day overall and good opportunity to

meet other colleagues in similar industries"

"Good event that was an eye opener to best practice case studies"

"Well organised sessions with relevant and current content. The conference also provided strong and realistic examples"

"It was good to see brands and retailers together at the event"

"I thought the content, speakers and companies represented were very good & there was a lot to take away from the sessions"

"Very good experience overall. I plan to be back"

"Highly impressed -  everyone was well prepared and there was a good attendance. I would definitely look to attend next year and look forward to it"

"Very informative, some great speakers and insights, great to see we're not alone in the quest for online/digital success!"

"I thought the conference was fantastic. There was a good mix of retailers, suppliers and service providers. The number of delegates was also perfect for the size of the venue and allowed the speakers to engage with everyone"



  • Retailers: VP eCommerce, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Directors, Head of Online, Online Director, Online Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Category Managers, Merchandising Managers 

  • Consumer brands:  eCommerce and Digital Directors, Online Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Marketing Directors, Account Managers, Sales Directors, Brand and Product Managers

  • Consumer data analysts: Commercial Directors, Client Managers, Product Managers, Sales and Marketing Directors 

  • Consultants: eCommerce and Digital Directors, Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors



  1   A 'how to' guide for online retail - you will get real case studies and insights into online brand positioning with transparency that you won't find at any other conference. You'll hear from some of the biggest retailers in Benelux such as Picnic and some of the largest global FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola 

 2   A new interactive approach to conferences  join the panel discussions, roundtable debates and peer reviews on online products for a more engaging conference experience to get clarity on the most important issues facing digital brands in 2023 and beyond

 A targeted group of FMCG eCommerce leaders  The majority of our attendees are retailers and FMCG brands which means you'll have plenty of opportunity to build relationship with peers, not just consultants, who are experienced in the digital space. Companies like Mondelez, Kellogg's, General Mills, Diageo, Bacardi, Reckitt Benckiser and many more. 

Get in touch with the Event Director for more details or to get involved: 


Sarah Kingham
Events Director

My Digital Shelf


t: +44 (0)7721945661


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