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For information on the speaking and sponsorship opportunities at our 2024 summit, please contact Sarah Kingham on

Diamond Sponsors 

9.1 Shalion Logo.png

At Shalion, we're starting a Revolution, a Digital Shelf Revolution. We go beyond traditional Digital Shelf analytics, with our integrated solutions we help top brands get Full Visibility with Ads & Promos. We help you monitor your Share of Ads and Promos, Share of Search (organic or paid) and the Share of Shelf across the top retailer's sites

Our solution allows for Radical customization: that’s why we are proud to say that our tool can adapt to your brand (and not the other way around). With Shalion, you get an experienced team that will give you a Fast response to any of the demands of the evolving eCommerce landscape.  Let’s talk about how we can empower you too to boost your brand’s eCommerce growth. Join our Revolution!

For more information, please visit

11.1- Snipp logo.png

Snipp provides promotions and loyalty programs designed to engage customers - in-store, at home and online. Clients can run one-off promotions to evergreen loyalty programs that meet objectives at a brand, shopper, category, and portfolio level and customizable by region, language, channel, retailer and more. 

SnippCARE, our modular Customer Acquisition, Retention & Engagement platform, powered by our market-leading receipt processing platform for purchase and non-purchase validation, enables implementation of ROI-driven, omni-channel programs, globally. We capture zero-party data in real time and build proprietary data sets, driving engagement, personalization and brand loyalty and enabling intelligent decision-making. 

For over a decade, we have worked with the world’s leading organizations in both B2C and B2B spaces, across industry verticals including FMCG, retail, pharma, utility, alcohol, tobacco, lifestyle for brands like Kellogg’s, Danone, Monster, Nestle, Haleon, Anheuser Busch, P&G, Leder and Schuh and more.  


For more information, visit


Profitero is the leading global commerce acceleration company offering a flexible suite of intelligence-driven solutions so that brands can grow profitably. Their integrated digital shelf analytics, shelf-intelligent activation and advisory services empower brands to optimise product availability, discoverability, and maximise conversions across 1000+retailers in 70+ countries. Profitero’s Open Commerce Ecosystem makes it possible for retailers, agencies and tech providers to combine digital shelf data insights with their own solutions, eliminating data gaps and unlocking incremental value for brands.

For more information, visit

Productsup logo.png

Productsup helps brands, retailers, and service providers sell more products to more consumers faster by giving them full control over their product data.

This includes importing, structuring, enriching, and sharing product data with any channel and touchpoint quickly and efficiently.

As the first and only global enterprise-grade Product-to-Consumer (P2C) platform, Productsup processes over 2 trillion products a month. Founded in 2010, Productsup has grown to over 300 employees spread out across offices worldwide and works with over 1,00 brands, including IKEA, Sephora, Thule, and more.


For more information, visit

Networking Sponsor 

4.PriceSpider Logo.png

PriceSpider is reinventing the way brands conduct commerce by helping them deliver the shopping experience their customers demand. PriceSpider crawls thousands of ecommerce websites and marketplaces in near real-time to arm brands with actionable insights on consumer shopping behavior, which leads to maximum shoppability across every possible touchpoint and an optimized customer experience through digital shelf analytics. PriceSpider also helps the world’s brands, big and small, build long-lasting relationships with their shoppers, leading to more revenue and higher profit margins. For more information, please visit,

Bronze Sponsors is a product company based in Gdynia (Poland) that creates online marketplaces, loyalty apps, and special software for selling stuff, like groceries, with instant delivery. We're a part of - software and product development pros focus on connecting business and tech to create usable, profitable products people actually enjoy.We've just launched a super big grocery delivery e-commerce app for one of our local customers.We're not just into tech. We're experts at helping businesses analyse the product from the business side. Whether it's groceries or other deliverable stuff, we can help you sell them through many channels, making your business shine in retail.Please think of us as your retail partner, making online shopping more accessible and relaxed.We're here to support your big omnichannel dreams. 

7. eStoreMedia Logo.png

We connect brands, e‑retailers and agencies with data, technology and analytical expertise to optimize growth in e‑commerce. As a technology‑oriented company we provide product manufacturers with SaaS to maximize e‑commerce sales. It is the only integrated suite of eStore Shelf Analytics, Product Information Management and Al‑based research methodologies.

For more information, visit

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